Rat Race require participants to be 18 +.

The Wall is hailed as an ideal entry level 100+ km Ultra, it is well supported and fully waymarked meaning you do not need to carry a map like many Ultras. It is a mix of undulating trails and road and although stunningly rural you are never far from shelter or assistance.

Experts have 26 hours in one continuous effort. They start at 7am on Saturday and have until 9am Sunday.

Challengers have 25 hours in total across two days. Saturday starts at 730am and finishes at 830pm. Sunday’s start window opens at 7am and the course closes at 8pm.

Whilst the event is primarily designed as an ultra-run, The Wall has been completed by fast walkers in the past. It requires an average speed of 3mph (just under 5km per hour) to allow time for refuelling and breaks at Pit Stops. These will be reflected in the cut off points for each Pit Stop

The course record is 09:38:07 and the final finisher in 2018 crossed the line in 25:29:18. The Wall has a high completion rate, on average 90% of starters make it to the end.
No. The Wall is fully waymarked with marshals enroute.

Registration for the event will take place on Friday 19th June at Carlisle Rugby Club, Warwick Road, Carlisle, CA1 1LW. The Rat Race Store will be at registration for any missing essentials. The start is inside Carlisle Castle. There are toilets available on the morning of the race (though we suggest you ‘go’ before arriving at the start) and bag drop is in the car park next to the castle. The finish will be at Baltic Quay where there will be refreshments, toilets, medics, bar and dwell area for you and your supporters.


We operate a camping and glamping campsite at Bardon Mill on Saturday night.  Our campsite has showers, toilets, phone charging, and food and drink available for purchase in our Beerstalker tent. To stay with us and your fellow competitors you must purchase a camping pass or book a Glamping package which you can do so here.

There is no registration available on Saturday. You must complete kit check and register on Friday between 3pm – 10pm.

Solo entries are not transferable – you can’t give or sell your entry to anyone else. If you no longer wish to take part you can obtain an event credit to the value of your entry fee paid (terms and a fee apply) which you or another person can use towards next year’s event (or any other Rat Race event). If you have purchased a pairs entry, you can add or change team members up to 10 days before the event. Rat Race Members (link to membership) can exchange their entry for event credit up to 24 hours before Registration alongside loads of other awesome benefits.

Race entry includes a finishers medal and a collectable Rat Rag. Event tees are available to purchase online here and in the Rat Race store at the event while stocks last.

If you want to run together with a partner then you can enter a team of 2 as a pair entry and save £20 on the solo price. Paired entries must be purchased at the same time and you will receive an individual time.

We call these Pit Stops. At The Wall we operate 5 Pit Stops where participants showing their number can access food, water, toilets and medical provision.

Visit our dedicated Pit Stop page for more information here

Our Pit Stops are there to help supplement any personal sports nutrition plan you may have. If you have any special dietary requirements then please plan for this and pack your kit accordingly and use the Bag Drop system to ensure you have supplies that suit you. Rat Race aim to offer Pit Stop snacks that are tasty and functional for as broad a mix of needs as possible. We have options available that are suitable for vegetarian and vegans and availability of this will depend on demand. If peanuts are served these will be in individual portion bags to reduce the chance of contamination but Rat Race cannot guarantee that the food does not contain contamination from allergens such as nuts or gluten in its preparation or serving.

Please take care when consuming food with dirty hands. Please please please take care with litter and help us in our aim of leaving our venues and routes tidier then we find them. If you want to use Sports Rations products in your training and preparation they can be purchased at www.ratracestore.com

Checkpoints are in addition to Pit Stops that act as enhanced marshal points that enable us to check you through or you can alert the marshal if you are in difficulty. Checkpoints are just to grab a quick drink and a handful of sweets. Water is available by the cup and this is NOT the spot to refill bottles or hydration bladders.

We have a mandatory kit list that is required to undertake this challenge. Your kit will be checked before you are allowed to Register. Random kit checks will be carried out on the morning of the race, if you are missing a mandatory item you will not be allowed to Register or Start.

See our Kit page here

Bags can be left with us before the start on Saturday morning at the car park next to the Castle.

For ONE DAY EXPERTS we will move three bags.
1. Walltown Quarry (24miles) disposable Bag. A disposable bag will be supplied at registration. This small bag (16x24cms) is big enough for a few items of nutrition and some socks. We transport this to Walltown Quarry for you to collect, use and dispose of. Please label it with the stickers provided in your race pack.
2. Hexham (44miles) 25l bag. We will take one of your own bags up to Hexham Pit Stop. It must be a max of 25 litres and weigh no more than 5kg. This bag will be exposed to the elements so please make sure you use dry bags to keep essential kit dry. You collect it from the bag pick up point at Hexham and then you will be directed to drop it off in our vehicles to take it to the finish.
3. Finishline 70l bag. This bag can be a max of 70 litres and weigh no more than 15kg. This will go directly to the finish.

Please label all bags it with the bag tag stickers provided in your race pack.

For TWO DAY CHALLENGERS we will move one bag and one tent.
1. Overnight 70l bag. This bag can be a max of 70 litres and weigh no more than 15kg. This will go directly to the finish of both days.

  1. A tent. If you are camping and are traveling with a tent, then the tent cannot weigh more than 5kg per person. This weight may be increased if more than 1 person is sleeping in the tent. i.e. 1 person 5kg, 2 people 10kg. No tent over 15kg will be transported by us.

Please label your bag and tent with the bag tag stickers provided in your race pack.

We will collect you via the Sweeper vehicle and move you forwards on the course. We are unable to transport you backwards i.e back to the start.
No. Dogs will not be allowed on the run route or in the halfway campsite. While many of us love dogs, some runners and crew do not and they complicate the event management. This event is not suitable for dogs for several reasons and would affect the event support processes including medical rescue, our sweeper logistics, our pledges to farmers with livestock, hygiene where we are serving food and areas that are busy with traffic.
This is a mixed terrain event and features trail (20%) and road (80%)
No. We do not offer refunds but we do offer event transfer vouchers, so you can put your credit to another event. We need 10 clear business days’ notice prior to the event to make these changes plus you will need to pay a £15.00 or 15% (whichever is greater) fee. Our pricing structure rewards those that commit furthest in advance and we recommend customers hold the appropriate insurance to cover non-attendance for issues such as illness or travel problems. You can view our transfer policy hereTransfer requests can be made here. You can find full Terms and Conditions here