Is 70 miles too far this time as a solo? Then split it up between your mates with our Relay class!

Grab your mates and enter our Relay Class. Form a relay team of 2 to 4 people to split up the route.

Pass the satellite-tracked baton from person to person and complete this iconic challenge between Carlisle Castle and Gateshead Quayside on foot. Run it, trek it, skip it – we don’t mind! Get to sample Hadrian’s Country in bite sized chunks while still receiving all the benefits of Rat Race’s fantastic support and achieve something truly great as a team.

How does it work?

Your relay team can be between 2 and 4 people.

Whether it’s 2, 3 or 4 of you – the price per team will be the same.


Each team will receive a single ‘baton’.

This baton is a satellite tracker that can be followed online by teammates, supporters and our race management crew.


There are 6 legs with transition points…

…at our 5 pit stops where there is parking, food, loos and medical support.


Your team will require their own transport…

…to meet up at the pit stops and pass the baton.


The relay class have full access to all our pitstops and safety systems.

Plus they will have a different colour race number issued to make it clearer which runners are in this class.


Only 1 Team member on the course for legs 1-5.

On leg 6 you may all run together to cross the finish line victorious.


So there are some things to work out with your team: ‘Who goes first?’ ‘Who runs which leg?’

Distances of the legs are below. Get your team together and join us at the Wall. We will see you at the frontier.

Leg One

15 miles
Carlisle Castle (Start) to Pit Stop 1. Lanercost Priory.

Start time 0730.

Leg Two

9 miles
Lannercost Priory to Pit Stop 2. Walltown Quarry.

Earliest departure 10:15

Leg Three

9 miles
Walltown Quarry to Pit Stop 3/Overnight Point. Bardon Mill.

Earliest departure 1015.

Leg Four

13 miles
Bardon Mill to Pitstop 4. Hexham Tyne Green Park.

Earliest departure 1100.

Leg Five

17 miles
Hexham Tyne Green Park to Pitstop 5. Tyne Riverside Park, Newburn.

Earliest departure 1245.

Leg Six

7 miles
Newburn to the Finish. Gateshead Quayside.

Earliest departure 1545.

Relay Participant Special Notes:

All relay participants will need to register independently on Friday and attend the race briefing on Saturday.
In order to remain within the safety system and operational timetable you will need to adhere to specific start times from pit stops. These earliest times are shown above.

For the final leg your team must stay together so your location can be assessed should there be an incident.
Upon reaching the finish line the tracker will be handed back in exchange for your team’s medals and food vouchers.
We shall treat the person that paid for your entry as your Team Captain. This shall be the person we contact first should we need to contact your team.
By handing in your tracker we will assume that all your relay team are safely accounted for by the Team Captain.
When a team member is on the course, they must individually adhere to the mandatory kit rules at all times.